Friday, July 14, 2006

Taylor Clark and the Best Christmas Lights

It's no secret that our house in Provo won "Best Christmas Lights in the Neighborhood" in 2000. And the contest wasn't just some lady in the neighborhood that wanted to show us some love; it was official, and included a certificate from the city of Provo.

Of course, Gabby conceived the lighting scheme, and it was pretty simple, just some slightly over-sized white bulbs. We won it not because we over did it, like all the rest of the "competition" but because we stuck with a simple, elegant design, and Salem and I staple-gunned lights according to what Gabby told us.

Gabby wasn't there when the certificate was delivered. The mid-forties Provo City representative brought the certificate when my good friend Taylor Clark was over. (I think he was letting me borrow a jig saw.) When I opened the door, she started reading the certificate and looking at me (and Taylor--though at the time it didn't strike me as out of the ordinary) to verify we were the right people: "Benjamin and G-(look up again for awkward verfication)-Gabriel Blair?" (I'm used to people mis-pronouncing Gabrielle's name all the time, so I wasn't phased).


"Here is your certificate. You won the best Christmas lights in the neighborhood, congratulations."

"Thank you, thank you very much."

I thought nothing of it, but Taylor laughed and pointed out that the lady thought he was Gabriel. And the lights did look really nice.


  1. I remember your hair was also especially "progressive" at the time. Remember Stephanie Higginbotham thought you had it cut at some uber-salon?

  2. Oh that was great- I laughed out loud. Or as techies would say in an instant message forum: ROFLMAO.

  3. Ben,
    Sorry, I wasn't the guy who helped staple you lights. I was on a mission in 2000. I do remember being on your roof though for something. I don't remember why.

    What does ROFLMAO mean. I goes I could google it but I am so lazy right now.

    Ben's hair has always seemed pretty "progressive" to me. That is one of the many reasons Ben gets underestimated at Stanley Cup events.

  4. bwb20017:57 AM

    Stealth is one of my greatest assets. I guess that's why I don't think invisibility is all that.

  5. rolling on the floor laughing my BUM off

    i learned it from the techie in the family. i still make fun of him for it.

  6. I remember when it happened. I drove by the next day. It didn't disappoint.

  7. Gabby, can you direct our christmas lights this year? I promise I'll staple EXACTLY where you say.

  8. Mom in Mendon7:53 PM

    I was there as an observer during the light stapling, so I'm saying the year was 1999.

  9. jared8:14 PM

    it was '99.
    i helped out in 2000 and ben kept talking about 'the glory days', and how 'salem did it this way..'

  10. Wait, 1999 won the lights contest? You would think I would remember that. I really think I should get at least a photocopy of the award.

    What I do remember from 1999 is when Ben and I started building a fence at their house. It was maybe 40 feet of fence. We went to Home Depot and the guy started telling us what materials we would need, one of which was 2 pounds of screws. I think we bought 1/2 pound of screws and had some left over. 1999 was a very good year.

  11. Salem we still have about 1/2 of that 1/2 lb. of screws.

  12. It definitely was 1999. Ben and Taylor won cutest couple in 2000.

  13. now do we get to see a picture of the award winning light display? that would be really helpful.