Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My "deodorant" only works on my left arm

I should probably change my deodorant. In fact it's a little silly that I haven't. I got it because I got all nervous when I heard that a man shouldn't smell like his deodorant, and I got some of the recommended stuff--that apparently didn't make you smell like your deodorant. The first day I wore it, I thought after a few hours: "Hmm. This kind of smells like body odor." I had the same impression for the next few days, but then I had a realization: it is really awful only under my right arm. The left isn't so bad. So now if anyone tells me that I have really awful body odor, I can tell her (or him, I guess) that it is only awful under my right arm. Here, try this arm...see? It's not nearly as awful. Isn't that weird? I think my dilemma is this: I'm told I shouldn't smell like my deodorant. I have this idea that there is some other deodorant at some store I rarely visit that might work for both arms. In the meantime, I can explain my awful smell by referring to the fact that I got it on recommendation, and the really awful smell is mostly just under the right arm.