Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proposed SNL skits

Since a comment on my post about our landlord, I have been thinking about proposing a skit for Saturday Night Live: Landlord MacGyver. It would basically be MacGyver figuring out novel ways to fix and maintain a rental space using household objects like paper clips, yogurt containers, tin foil, chewing gum, etc.

My Bro. in law, Josh, proposed another skit that I also like. He was inspired by a conversation with me and Gabby, so I'll take a bit of credit. This skit is inspired by the phenomenon that it is difficult for some to take someone with a deep southern accent seriously, and it is difficult for some to encounter a person with a british accent without viewing the person as really smart. The skit would be a social gathering comprised of average Americans, then one really educated person from the deep south, and a dumb person from England. The skit would go back and forth between the person from the deep south making intelligent, insightful remarks only to be met by raised eyebrows, rolling eyes, & suspicious looks and the person from England making mundane or ridiculous remarks met with contemplative looks and responses.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ralph learns a lesson

This is a movie filmed by my brother-in-law Josh Stanley on a Saturday when Ralph was over at their house. The movie was Ralph's idea. Ralph is the one in camoflauge pants. Jonah (the light blond) is Josh's son and James is Jonah's cousin. I couldn't believe how happy I was seeing this. here is a small version. here is a medium version.