Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proposed SNL skits

Since a comment on my post about our landlord, I have been thinking about proposing a skit for Saturday Night Live: Landlord MacGyver. It would basically be MacGyver figuring out novel ways to fix and maintain a rental space using household objects like paper clips, yogurt containers, tin foil, chewing gum, etc.

My Bro. in law, Josh, proposed another skit that I also like. He was inspired by a conversation with me and Gabby, so I'll take a bit of credit. This skit is inspired by the phenomenon that it is difficult for some to take someone with a deep southern accent seriously, and it is difficult for some to encounter a person with a british accent without viewing the person as really smart. The skit would be a social gathering comprised of average Americans, then one really educated person from the deep south, and a dumb person from England. The skit would go back and forth between the person from the deep south making intelligent, insightful remarks only to be met by raised eyebrows, rolling eyes, & suspicious looks and the person from England making mundane or ridiculous remarks met with contemplative looks and responses.


  1. jordan3:19 PM

    There is a guy that goes around the mission district scamming people for money. He is really skinny and looks like he is 15 (even though he is in his twenties) this is helped by the fact that he wears overalls and a baseball hat backwards. Other accessories he careies with him include a backpack and a map of San Francisco in his hand. Finally, he speaks with a fake southern accent and asks people for money telling them how lost and confused he is.
    People with southern accents are SO stupid.

  2. Steve, who was raised in Texas, was amazed to find out the rest of the world has a hard time taking people from the South seriously. He always thinks people with southern accents sound so smart. Really.

  3. A few things--

    After conversing with Fred on the subject of your blog, we both think you are right about the accents. You can't help it if it's true, can you? I started to think of a few stupid people that have southern accents--Dr. Phil and Jessica Simpson are two that immediately came to mind.

    We also assume that a British accent makes you appear smarter, which is why we sometimes talk that way at home and when we are out and about. It works. You will find yourself saying words you normally wouldn't say just because they sound more intelligent with the British accent. Give it a try.

    But, I was also wondering about NY accents. They have quite the reputation, too. What do you and Gabby have to say about those?

    One last thing--maybe you guys should submit some skits to SNL so it can start being funny again.

  4. so when we were in thailand all the other whiteys were british/australian. Liz tried to pass herself off one day to the maitre'd by using what she thought was a british accent and asking "DO YOU HAVE ANY LAUNDRY SERVICES?" It came out wrong and a little too loud - you can imagine an attempted aussie/british accent conglomeration, with the AU in laundry sing-songified, and R in services dissolving into the E and V - anyway, the maitre'd fell for it, but all of the british and australian guest who were sitting around all stopped and turned their heads. IWhat i want to say is that I hate when people fake australian accents. I don't hate Liz, i didn't even hate when she did that laundry services thing, i liked that, i was mainly thinking of a mission companion i had that would always do it and it really made me want to punch his face. I was thinking about him, but then thought of the funny story about liz. Elder Chang. Good guy, but 8 years later and i still get a little mad inside when i think of him doing that accent.

  5. I would like to hear Liz demonstrate that accent at the triathlon. Jordan also does a great British accent. Mainly with the words "Hello" and "how are you". Its awesome.

  6. I do a really good robot accent. Since you are such a fan of robots I thought you'd like to know.

  7. When we were in Australia I had to laugh seveal times when we listened to a classical music radio station and the program host had the slow, soft, monotonous voice that I think you have to have to announce classical music, BUT it was with an Australian accent. I couldn't take it for one minute without thinking it was a joke.

  8. Oh man, another funny accent skit for SNL would be that a guy gets a new job, let's say as a Professor or something, maybe teaching Paleontology or something. And then he starts his first class and he is so nervous and wants to sound smart so he starts talking as an Englishman. And since he started lecturing the first session that way he now has to stick with it the rest of the semester. And then his "Friends" come to visit and see him talking like that and call him on it. He could say crap like "La-bore-a-tore-eeee". It would be hilarious.

  9. um. we are patiently waiting for a picture of Betty.

    ...not that you don't have your hands full (she says sheepishly).