Monday, April 12, 2010

My 6 Smiles

These are my 6 smiles:
1 smile I make when I see children making a snowman.
1 smile I make when I accomplish something that I didn’t think I could accomplish.
1 smile I make when someone more popular than I am says ‘Hi’ to me.
1 smile I make when I say ‘Hi’ to someone less popular than me.
1 smile I make when I see the look on the face of the janitor when I say “Thank you” to him.
1 smile I make when I’m serving the elderly.
1 smile I make when I do something nice for a poor person.

Dear Readers: What are your smiles? I’ll be monitoring my smiles over the next while, and I’ll update this list as I discover new ones.


  1. I have two smiles:

    1 smile I have is when Ben posts
    1 smile I have when Ben says he has 6 smiles and he posts 7

  2. Sorry to change the subject, but I just recently remembered a song from about 15 years ago and had to ask around to find out the name of the band -- the Fumbling Planets. In a Google search for the band name, only your site and one or two others came up! Can you send me an mp3 of the song that goes, "Beg for a kiss from a pretty fa-ace"? That would be sweet! My gmail is 'allwheat'. Thanks a million!


  3. What about the smile that one makes when the only alternative is to cry? I have made that one when a baby has blown-out on me; when a plane has been delayed -- again; when the couch I wanted for a long time was gone from Costco the day I rented a truck to go get it. That smile involves some serious eyebrow work, too.

  4. i smile when i discover (seven months late) that ben has resumed blogging. then i frown because he apparently stopped again four months ago.

    my auricularis anteriors are so conflicted.