Thursday, January 31, 2008


The title of this post almost perfectly describes how I'm feeling right now: "Yikes!" is right. I am getting bombarded with comments on my posts and the hours and days are just sprinting past me. Please know that I will try my best to respond where appropriate.

Also, I don't have time to attach it here, but yesterday I saw an image on the internet that almost perfectly describes my life. It is a picture of some person with like 8 arms trying to do all sorts of tasks at the same time. I'll try to attach it when (ironically!) I have a little more time...More posts soon!


  1. Sometimes I'm too busy to leave a comment. I know how it is.

  2. If I ever heard you use "yikes" in person, I would probably keel over laughing. Who are you really and what have you done with Ben? Because Ben's posts were never about business and day to day. They were funny, quirky Ben-ish things. I miss that...

  3. Denise: You've never heard me use 'Yikes!'? (All I can think to say is 'Yikes!')