Friday, January 25, 2008

The routine

Errands, meetings, phone-calls, conference calls, planning, working, maddeningly fast growing in box...You get the idea. Things are as busy as ever...More posts coming soon though!


  1. Hi Ben. Whew! It sure sounds like you are BUSY. Things are just really hectic around here, too. I only WISH I could find time to do things I WANT to do! Oh, well. Sure looking forward to those new blogs when you get a sec.

  2. At least you're still alive.

  3. Wow Chris! It sounds like we can REALLY empathize with each other. I thought I told myself not to let my life get hectic and crazy busy like this when I was a kid! I'm sure you feel the same. Anyway. so glad to hear others are as excited as I am to get some new blogs up...when time allows (sigh!)

    Lyle: Yes, sometimes just being alive is great. I look forward to the day when I can smell the occasional rose, though!