Saturday, January 26, 2008

Internal Conversation

This is a (paraphrased) conversation I had with myself today. Sometimes I am surprised at the wisdom coming from the most un-likely of places, but I think it helps put in perspective my crazy-hectic schedule of late:

• Ben, it looks you sure have a lot of things on your table!
•• Well, things are pretty crazy-busy right now, that's for sure!
• Don't you have time to stop for a minute and enjoy life! A little bird (or was it a miniature bunny rabbit?) once told me that a crazy-hectic life does not mean a happy, fulfilling life. You need some time to see the beauty in nature, you need some time to really, REALLY listen; you need some "you" time.
•• I know. I know. I know. I'm sorry. I suppose I'm addicted to the ever-so-addictive drug of productivity. (I do love being productive and checking off my "dumb things I gotta do" lists!) But you're right, I need some time for me. To really sit back and meditate, to look at each day as a new day to discover the world and myself all over again. To laugh as a child. To skip through puddles on Spring days, and to meditate.
• Promise me something.
•• OK
• Promise me that when you work through these incredibly busy days, and hectic weeks--promise me that you will find some time to really, REALLY listen to others, and even to the songs of birds. And promise me that you will find some time to really get to know who you are. You so obviously need some "you" time.
•• You are so right.
• And guess what?
•• What?
• I promise you that regardless of how crazy-busy your schedule is, that your life will be more fulfilling and happy.
•• That is so true.


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  2. In Elder's Quorum, we were reminded that [from Elder Oaks recent talk] "I have never met someone who at the end of their life wished they had spent more time at work." [paraphrased].

    Do take some much needed Ben time.

  3. You were released! Yeah and congratulations! We should celebrate.