Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An open letter to Cindi Lauper

Cindi Lauper's "Time after Time" just came on the radio, and I remembered that I want to make it public that I think Cindi Lauper is the most underrated singer/songwriter. I have written a letter to Cindi Lauper below. I still probably won't buy any of her albums, but that has as much to do with the technological advances brought on by robots as with anything else. Her songs stand out far more now than just about any song they came out with.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Gabby.

An open letter to Cindi Lauper:

Dear Cindi Lauper,

I was never a huge fan of your music. When your songs first came out, I doubt I would listen to them if they came on the radio. In fact, I probably made fun of you, or people who owned your albums or really liked your music. You also just seemed a little too punk, or a little overconfident that you had a look that was working for you and had the potential to sweep the nation, or something that I couldn't peg, and I could never figure out what your thing was. I'm still not sure that I have figured out what your thing is, (as important as that is) but I don't think I would turn the station if a song of yours came on now. And I would turn the volume up for basically every song of yours that is still played. I'm not sure what happened to make the change, and it still feels strange to think of you as a great singer/songwriter, but when I hear your songs, the feeling I get is "I really like this song...I didn't realize how much I really like this song...Wow, this is a great song." Again, this feeling is magnified by my confusion, because I think I just thought of you as a throw-away 80s singer, and it's not just like one song, but almost every song of yours that is still played captivates me. You've bewitched me Ms. Lauper, body and soul.

Ben Blair


  1. Ya know...that's kind of how I felt. I wasn't ready for her "punkish" looking style, but hey I enjoy quite a few of her songs today...can't say I'm ready to buy a CD or download Cindy Mp3's.

    Add my name to the bottom of the letter.

  2. robin kendall11:04 AM

    I have her album that "Time after Time" is on, which I purchased way back when. I really liked it then, and still think it is a good album. And I love "Time after Time." I was in my 30's when that came out, so maybe you just had to grow older to enjoy the album.

  3. rachel7:00 PM

    I don't think anyone can really appreciate Cindi Lauper without 80's MTV and the videos that went along with the songs.

  4. jared9:35 PM

    i always think cindy lauper talks with a fake english accent but maybe she just has a lisp, or maybe she's english. My guess is it's fake. I AM NOT A FAN.

  5. Did you know she is on Broadway right now in the Threepenny Opera
    with Alan Cummings
    They did a number on the Tony awards this week. Both Josh and I commented on Cyndi's voice. She is pretty cool.

  6. I don't think Cindi is that cool but her fake british accent is not nearly as cool as the lead singer, Billy Something, of Green Day. That guy is from California but for years I assumed they were straight out of Manchesta.

  7. so while i was hanging out at a gay bar this evening on the east side, the drag queen emcee of the evening was talking about cindy lauper and how she was just on some show or something, anyway, heshe said that cindy lauper is like 52. that's almost my mom's age. freaky.