Friday, February 03, 2006

Pack meeting: Tyler Smith

We went to Ralph's pack meeting on Wednesday. It was his 2nd Pack meeting. He earned his Bobcat last time. This pack meeting was also a talent show. Ralph was the first talent, he played "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star" on the cello. He hasn't played the cello since his teacher moved a year ago, but he brushed up and was pretty impressive.

The next talent was Tyler Smith. Tyler is one of Ralph's best friends in the pack, and I like Tyler even more after this pack meeting. He played the trumpet. Here is what he said and did:

"I'm going to play the trumpet. I guess it's harder than the cello because you have to blow. The first song is 'Mary had a little lamb'. Lots of people think this is a baby song, but it's actually pretty hard to learn...[played Mary had a little lamb]...this next song is pretty much an oldie, it's called 'Hot cross buns'...[played Hot Cross buns]."


  1. So did you stand up and club that kid for putting Ralph down.
    PS Brian L plays the cello you know, ps did you know he got married to Holly FINALLY?

  2. i was at that pack meeting and about fell off my chair with laughter when tyler said that! you had to be listening very carefully to catch it! i still think it is on my top ten list.