Friday, December 16, 2005

Ultra-sound results and more

Well, my suspicions were right. Dr. Stigler looked at my kidney stone and basically dismissed it. He said he would "send it off to have it analyzed." Great. Thanks Dr. Stigler. That's just what I want to have done to my kidney stone, have it analyzed in some laboratory. Nothing about how he had never seen one quite like it before. Nothing about the hard work I went through to bring it here. He did give me an ultra-sound and my kidneys are healthy. He mentioned that they were shaped like kidney beans. Cute, huh? I asked if I could keep the images, and he looked at me as if to say: "I suppose you could, but I don't understand why you would want to." Right, cause they're just like every other image of kidneys you see in your sick, prejudiced, uro-centric world. He also suggested I may have fertility issues. Huh.


  1. With number five on the way and saying that you might have fertility issues is like saying that a professional athlete might have finacial issues (unless you're Mike Tyson).

    Doctors can be so cold and impersonal. That's like an obstetrician at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center delivering a baby and yelling "Next!.

  2. Ya, see, I called this on your original post. Your doc is a buzzkill. You need to find one who will freak out with amazement and display it like a moon rock.

    And what's this nonsense about sending it off to be analyzed? "Yes, doctor, it is a kidney stone. Brilliant diagnosis." If he's not going to display it with proper lighting, labelling and security, he should fork it over. You made it; you keep it.

    That's pretty cool, though, that your kidneys are shaped like kidney beans. Did your mother eat a lot of kidney beans when she was pregnant with you?

  3. Maybe the doctor meant that you're too fertile. If so, I share your issue.

  4. Lyle: Doctors can be cold and impersonal? Tell me about it, and add to that offensively so.

  5. Rachel10:06 AM

    Didn't you tell him about the Stanley Cup?!?