Thursday, October 13, 2005

Elder Eli Jones memory

This is an account told me by one of my favorite companions on my mission, Elder (Eli) Jones. We also shared many great spiritual experiences, but this isn't one of those. Here is what happened to him:

He was in a college class, and they were talking about gender and appearance I believe:

Instructor: What is the first thing guys notice about girls...come on, this should be easy...

Eli Jones: Uh, their butts?

Class: (awkward murmuring)

Instructor: Anyone else?

Other Class member: Hair?

Instructor: Yes. Hair. A girl's hair is typically the first thing guys notice.


  1. robin kendall10:05 AM

    Your blog is ALWAYS entertaining, Ben!

  2. One time on my mission we did this get-to-know-you game where you had to write a question on a piece of paper and then put it in a hat. They said we could ask anything, so I wrote "Would you categorize yourself as a Blair, a Jo, a Natalie, or a Tootie?" So then my mission president gets up and starts reading the questions out loud and they were all questions like "What is your favorite scripture?" or "When did you know you had a testimony?" and then he pulls mine out and says - really confused - "Would you categorize yourself as a Blair, a Jo, a Natalie, or a Trudy?"

    And then it was really quiet and awkward.

  3. I always felt like a Natalie, but not as fat. Excellent question.