Friday, June 17, 2005

Alert: my past is catching up with me!

So my best friend, David Kendall calls yesterday, and we start up right where we left off 12 years ago. I would have been totally taken aback except for my recent history.

Let me go back 10 months: So my best friend Devon Call calls me to see if he can stay at our place. Of course he can. Dude stayed with us in Greece, in our one roomer. It's great to see Devon, I have clearly lost touch with my Provo roots. then 3 months ago, Devon sends an e-mail that is CCd to my best friends: Ryan Kineteder, David Taylor, Merrill Liechty, and Weston Spencer--OK I have talked with Weston in the last 3 years so that's not such a big deal. This leads to a rapid torrent of e-mails.

12 months ago, we get an e-mail that my best friend Chris Clark, has a bro. in law that is a freaking celebrity. Maybe you have heard of the little grammy winning band Maroon 5? Yeah.

My best friend John Rather sends us an e-mail about this new-fangled blog: Times and Seasons. One of the entries is about a new site that my best friend Matthew Faulconer, has made: Feast upon the word. I go to the site, I'm overcome once again by Matthew's brilliance. We get to e-mailing, and then we have a phone call.

Meanwhile, on Times and Seasons, my wife (i.e. Best friend--but this one is the most current; and eternal) Gabby says, she says: "There is a link to your friend, Kacy's blog on Times and Seasons, it is like the best blog there is." Gabby is all sending it to all her sisters and friends. I'm all, this is awesome.

So I look up my best friend, Kacy's blog, it is like the best blog there is, and I get connected to her husband, my best friend, Christian's blog. Christian's blog has a link to my best friend Cameron's blog. Cameron is all into triathlons now, and my in-laws put on the St. George triathlon, so we arrange to meet up in St. George for lunch.

When it comes to keeping up friendships, I am offensively horrible. Yet somehow, despite my best efforts to lose touch with my childhood over the last 15 years, in the last 5 months or so, I have been in touch with much of the crux of my High School friends--except I guess for the Trojans and Momos (except Devon, Weston, and David K.)

Now I'm all breaking out and saying 'I'm all' a lot, and stuff, I'm getting back into dungeons and dragons, and singing with Billy Ocean: "Get out of my dreams! Get into my car!" I'm all doing Chinese fire drills at like every stoplight like I used to always do. I'm all doing the worm and the locomotion, and well, I think you get the picture.

Honestly I have missed these people more than I ever imagined I had.


  1. Thanks for the links to your friends' great blogs. I'm especially excited about the possibilities with Matthew's blog, though I would be too intimidated to do more than lurk.

    Sara and I can't get enough of the two coolest new entries to the blogosphere from Ralph and Maude. And the kids are relentless:

    "Can we check the cousins' blogs?"

    "No, we just did 5 minutes ago; well, maybe they put up something new. Let's check!"

    And I'm enjoying your blog. Please keep the entries coming. One of the coolest things about blogs for me is seeing how people, even people you spend a lot of time with, think and reason when they take the time to put down their thoughts, peeves, enthusiasms and obsessions in writing. It opens up a completely different and delightful window on people. Similarly, a great source of enjoyment for me is reading the correspondence between my mother and my children. Though I have spent more time with these people than just about anyone else on the planet, I am constantly learning about the things that interest and uplift them.

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  3. Ben:

    After getting over the fact that you didn't include me among your legion of best friends, I noticed a friend with an oddly familiar name: Ryan Kineteder. Is he related to Rick Kinateder? I used to work for Rick during my last year at BYU.

    BTW, Maude and Ralph do indeed rock. As does Jack Black in School of Rock. Gotta get Jason Anderson to see that flick.

    -jeff taylor